Talon are more than just one of the country’s leading Eagles tribute bands. Made up of highly regarded musicians in their own right, they are so much more than just that. After touring and recording for fifteen years, they have their own huge fanbase around the country.

We were recommended to Talon by photographer Jason Sheldon whose images we had worked with on the artwork for Hafdis Huld’s Synchronised Swimmers CD. Talon wanted to overhaul their existing site and already had some ideas of what they might like. We interpreted them in the Simply Marvellous way and gave them a website that is modern and easy to use while http://premier-pharmacy.com also giving a nod to their past and musical style.

In 2011, we were approached by the band to create a set of T-shirts and then later on, pleased with the work we had done, we were asked to design the artwork for their 15th anniversary double CD, The Classic Collection. This was followed by designs for mugs, badges and more T-shirts

Our work continues for Talon, adding new features to the website and creating new merchandise designs. We have recently been working on the design for a new Talon Acoustic album due for release in 2014.

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