State of the Union

We already work regularly with Boo Hewerdine so were delighted when he called and asked us to design the logo, CD packaging and website for State of the Union – his collaboration with Cambridge-based, American singer-songwriter, Brooks Williams.

Boo sent us a picture, he took on his phone, of some rust he saw while out walking and the design process began! We combined a rusty background with photography taking during the recording of the album in Glasgow. Once the design was completed for the CD we began transferring the same feel onto advertising and the website.

In 2013, we were asked to design the packaging for the duo’s second album. They wanted something similar to the first album but also obviously different. We found some great textured background images and combined these with vintage medicine bottles to tie in with the album title, Snake Oil. We have since created ads and posters based on the new design.

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