Great Album Covers #2: Rio

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(originally posted 28th October 2011) Duran Duran - Rio EMI, 1982 Designed by Malcolm Garrett/Assorted Images, Illustration by Patrick Nagel Rio was Duran Duran's second album that saw them go from a popular band in the UK to an international phenonomen. It wasn't always the case though - for several months, especially in the US, the sleeve for Rio was more widely recognised than the band or their music. The sleeve was a joint effort by graphic designer and American illustrator Patrick Nagel. Nagel was already well known for easily recogniseable "Eighties Woman" illustrations that combined the style of Japanese woodblock illustrations with Art Noveau and Art deco and which regularly appeared in Playboy and other magazines. In his Rio illustration, especially commissioned for the artwork, Nagel captures brilliantly a look that not only screams 1982 but also says News Romantic and Duran Duran. With her perfect features, lipgloss, huge earrings and flowing clothes, [read on]

Great Album Covers #1: Parallel Lines

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(originally posted October 19th 2011) Blondie - Parallel Lines Chrysalis, 1978 Designed by Ramey Communications, Photography by Edo Bertoglio I've always loved this sleeve - my dad had it in his record collection - and, even as a child, I knew it was a classic. Maybe it was because it was such a striking image but more likely it was because it was simple; it was just black and white lines with the band in front after all. Although they did combine some disco and new wave sounds into their music, Blondie were a punk band. Looking at the sleeve for Parallel Lines, the bands third album, you'd be excused for not realising it. Debbie Harry standing out in front of band in a dress that was a far cry from some of the outfits she'd been known for wearing on stage. The band dressed in suits, their ties creating more parallel lines. The [read on]

Great Album Covers – Introduction

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(originally posted October 19th 2011) Back in March 2010, I wrote a blog post about Album Cover Art. I've also written about how, as a teenager, I wanted to become a graphic designer so that I could design record covers. Part of my work now includes designing for the music industry. I still have a love of album cover artwork and so I have decided that I will begin writing a series of posts, each time choosing one great sleeve, writing about the overall design, photography, typography and why I like it. Some of my choices will be purely my own but at other times my choices may also reflect the tastes of many others too. As part of my research into great sleeves I asked the question on Facebook and Twitter: "What are your favourite album sleeves?" The [read on]

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