If you’re in the middle of recording a new record or planning a tour, at some point you will need to organise the design for your record sleeve, website, posters, flyers, advertising and maybe even merchandise. You probably won’t have the time to make sure that the designer you hired has sent your new logo to the people doing your social media, or that the advertising agency knows what the album sleeve is going to look like, and that the web developers aren’t creating something that will alienate your audience.

Simply Marvellous is a creative agency that solves these problems by offering all of the services under one roof and project managing the whole lot to make sure they are all delivered on time. Plus because you will only have to brief one person and remember one phone number or email address, imagine the time, hassle and money we should save you!

Our clients also love what we offer in other areas that really matter too. Things like…


Creative director and founder, Martin Rowsell personally brings his experience (and a fair few years of creative blood sweat and tears) to each and every project. When you hire Simply Marvellous as your creative agency you’re getting the enthusiasm of people passionate about creativity, with the experience of making that creativity work for your business. We have experience of working with many acclaimed acts that cross over many different musical genres. We’ve designed for both BRIT award and Grammy Award winners from all over the world.


Have a look at our portfolio to see the quality you can expect when we work with you on your album covers, advertising, flyers, website or email http://www.cheapativanpriceonline.com campaigns. With Simply Marvellous Creative you’re not just guaranteed a well-designed, end product; quality as they say is: “doing it right when nobody’s looking”. Behind the scenes at Simply Marvellous, it’s not just about being creative, it’s also about attention to detail.


Our clients want eye-catching design, but like you they also want results, such as advertising that increases sales, websites that may win awards, or CD packages for a Number One album. At Simply Marvellous, we spend time studying your target market, your marketing objectives and other marketing initiatives so that we know not only what design you want, but what you want our design to do for your music.


When you put your project with Simply Marvellous, you become our priority. We’re available in person, on the phone or by email to make it as easy as possible for you to discuss your project. We also work with you in the creative consultation so that if you already have ideas for your project that’s great, and if you want us to come up with a number of creative ideas from scratch, that works too. We’ll always give you an initial range of designs to choose from and then work with you to refine those choices into the perfect final product. We stick to our deadlines and always make sure that the process for you is as easy as possible.

The majority of our business is word of mouth referrals and the only way we can keep that flow of business is to make sure you are happy from start to finish. And we’re certain you will be when you hire Simply Marvellous Music for your design project.


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